UX and Wireframe Design

Here Some Wireframes that I came up with for the re-design of Grocery Gateway website. The process: I did a content audit, all the different categories, products they sell and all the current features had to be listed on paper¬† in order to understand what needs to be be fixed or reorganized or add. After […]

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Parallax Effect

This effect basically use a photo and transforms it to look like a video. In order to do that, I separate my photo in 3 layers (you could have more layers): Front Middle Background I use photoshop to do this first step, I try to fix the space that I cut and fill it, when […]

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Mesh Tool

The Mesh Tool is very complex and a lot of time consuming. Creating the mesh I have an image of four peppers as my reference and I will tell you how I did it step by step: 1- With the pen tool I divided each pepper in small pieces because in this way, it’s easier […]

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Ilustration Art

This specific work was very demanding and the reason it wasn’t because was ward to do it was because every monday I had to do a new project for the following friday, basically I could only find small chances to work on this major project. INKING¬† To start I had to find a very challenging […]

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Tracing is easy, but with some tricks I¬†could do it faster, and with practice I¬†can add my¬†own style to the original drawing, but still it will not be my¬†work, copy rights will always belong to the person who did the sketch and developed the drawing. The first step is to have a good quality picture […]

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Web Mockup

I started to do a Mock-up website for the Colombian Bran: Studio F Fist I searched for my resources, such as: the images, the logo and the content. I had to do this first because in¬†my sketch the screen size is¬†the same as an¬†image or close. My canvas size: 1900px x 1200px Before I start […]

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